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April 2015



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Apr. 23rd, 2015

Oh My

So it's been about 3 years since I last posted anything. I was reading some of my old entries and face palming super hard. UGH so embarrasing. well anyway please check out my more current websites:


Aug. 6th, 2012

(no subject)

SO I figured since I haven't posted in such a long time might as well post now. Though honestly I don't know what to post about. Never really had a journal or nothing like, more of a talker than a writer I suppose. 

Today I feel very accomplished~! Did face ups for 2 of my dollfies. One of the heads is technically made to be male but "his" face was so beautiful I just made him a girl, plus I only had a dollfie girl body. Oh Well, feel a bit bad but it just suit 'shim(?) better. lol. 

Still obsessing over YunJae. Will always be my favorite "real life" couple. hehe. Only band I've ever stalked. Though K-Pop is getting very VERY popular now in the US. Good marketing I suppose. NOT that I mind of course. I LOVE ME SOME GIRLS GENERATION AND SMEXY KOREAN BOYS~ ふふふふ

I've found recently that the only manga I read anymore is either yaoi or shonen jump type stuff. lol I used to only read shoujo stuff back in the day. I've been really into this manga called Nurarihyon no Mago Akumaru. Pretty interesting if u like ghosts and spirits and such. I"m starting to really like scary movies which I hated before. Though by scary I mean ghosts spirits curses grudges type stuff not "silence of the lambs" or "Saw" type stuff which honestly I don't find scary only gross and unsanitary. lol 

so thats going on with me... not a very interesting life lol but its ALL MINE hehe

Jul. 23rd, 2011

Yaoi for LJ Community afascinante

 unfortunately i missed to two big announcements regarding the LJ community, afascinante. But from what i gather we are supposed to write about how much we love yaoi?

I was away for the past few weeks and haven't had access to a computer or internet, so i hope i'm not too late.

well i started to love yaoi at a very young age, lol. I think it all started with SasuNaru. I was a giant naruto fan. I actually don't exactly remember how i began to like the couple, i think i just thought it was cute. don't really remember... well anyway from then on i really got into more yaoi couples from shows was really into doujinshi. Then i spread out to more of the yaoi genere and was reading books that didn't involve any characters i previously knew. lol. in other words i was reading all yaoi~!

I feel like my love for yaoi has gotten so great that i tend to see a gay couple much more attractive// sexy than a regular hetero couple. 
Of course i still love regular manga, but i sometimes don't feel the same love for it as i do for yaoi.
In yaoi i just feel a greater intimacy than i do in regular manga, for instance shojou, which as i've grown up have found to be increasingly cheesy.   I suppose yaoi has just become my passion.
anyway to get back on track, i really hope i'm not too late to qualify to be a member of the afascinante group. You guys have the best scans and i appreciate and love your hard work. You definitely deserve to have the right to do what you will with your scans, and it's nobody's business posting something they had nothing to do with.
again i'm not sure of the rules of the contest or any of the guidelines but please i hope its not too late and i hope i'm posting this to the right place, in other words just my page. I would hate to be out of the loop when it comes to afascinante, one of my favorite scanalation groups~! yay


 My passion is art and i would love to become a concept artist (character preferably) for video games. I would love to work at a company such as Square Enix but first i have to learn Japanese. lol

I am so stressed out over my future. I have so much on my plate. SATs, Senior year and so on. 

you know sometimes one just feels like being anti social. strange isn't it.